What our client companies and their venture capital investors are saying about us. (Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers, and are no guarantee of future performance or success).

  • One Cross Border Enterprises client company wrote to say: "Thank you for all your fine preparation of [a Fortune 500 company]. I could not have asked for a more receptive audience" and later added: "It was a perfect sales meeting."
  • The Chairman of a client company wrote "I was always told that I had a talent for finding the best people but I knocked the ball out of the park when I asked you [and Cross Border] to work with us. I know that our CEO and our whole team feel comfortable with the dynamic programs that you have built for our company. Thank you for the professional way in which you have approached these programs."
  • A venture capital investor wrote: "We have really appreciated all the contributions you have made to [our portfolio company]. and it has been a good case study for the value of Cross Border [Enterprises's] model."
  • The Head of Sales of another client company, which recently achieved a successful exit, wrote: "It was a pleasure to work with you. the professionalism of Cross Border Enterprises was constantly evident and the guidance was first class."
  • After checking our references, another company advised us: "I have been able to contact the references you provided, and they are very complimentary of you and your organization." This company, which already had a number of major corporations as customers, subsequently retained us to introduce them to selected additional major corporations that they were seeking as customers.
  • A fifth Cross Border Enterprises client company wrote: "David is tenacious, professional, methodical, and a real stickler to the details and bird dogs the whole process. We are very pleased with our relationship with David and Cross Border".
  • A sixth Cross Border client company wrote that Cross Border Enterprises ".does an incredible job of introducing you to the right people at companies that potentially have a need for your product".

Selected Corporate Introductions/Business Development Assignments

Clients that have retained Cross Border Enterprises include:

  • A U.S. company that is the leading on-demand software provider for mergers and acquisitions. Its flagship product is purpose-built to automate all aspects of the deal process and to incorporate M&A best practices. Its customers include some of the world's most practiced and experienced acquirers across a wide range of industries.
  • A U.S. software company that protects Intellectual Property (IP) from software piracy, tampering, reverse engineering and any manner of theft.
  • A U.S. software company that is a leading provider of project and portfolio management solutions that enable global organizations to proactively manage their investments in IT and prioritize spending. These solutions give companies visibility into their IT budgets so that IT can support corporate/business objectives.
  • A U.S. software company that offers a breakthrough solution for automated software testing. This solution radically reduces testing time and cost, while dramatically improving the quality of applications and accelerating time-to-market.
  • A U.S. company that offers a technology-based platform that major pharmaceutical companies can use to optimize sampling and patient assistance programs, as well as other key company operations.
  • A U.S./Asia Pacific-based software company that provides performance management software to organizations in the public and private sectors. This software enables users to tie performance metrics to business strategy throughout the organization.
  • A U.S. software company that enables the implementation of strategic controls for an enterprises mobile devices, protecting the critical corporate data they contain when mobile devices are taken offsite.
  • A U.S software company that aggregates product data from multiple enterprise systems, standardizes it to eliminate discrepancies, and automates workflow to keep information up-to-date, resulting in accurate and consistent product information for both internal users
    and trading partners.
  • A Canadian company that provides a variety of telecom-related services to carriers and consumers, including clearing and settlement for collect and calling card calls originated by foreign carriers and terminated in North America or billed to a North American calling card.
  • A U.S./U.K.-based digital rights management company that helps organizations to maintain complete control over who can use their most sensitive information and when, for the lifetime of a document. Users can send emails and documents securely to anyone, while easily maintaining control over when, where, and how the information is used.

A number of our client companies have retained us a second time to arrange introductions, based upon Cross Border's performance

Selected Advisory Financing and M&A Consulting Assignments

Clients have included:

  • A European company that supplies self-service service software and remote management technology delivering custom applications and off-the-shelf solutions for self-service devices and kiosks, interactive displays, touch screen PCs and web ATMs.
  • A global provider of identity assurance solutions that allow customers to issue, use and manage trusted digital identities to enable secure transactions, communication and access to information. It has millions of users globally, at corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions.
  • A U.S. company, operating internationally, that develops and implements innovative environmental solutions for difficult waste issues. It is the proprietor of patented technologies for the recycling of absorbent hygiene products into sanitized reusable paper pulp and plastic components.
  • A U.S. company, the successor to a Dutch company. It owns and markets a proprietary manufacturing software and database used to evaluate the cost of new product designs, monitor outside vendors, and provide effective manufacturing bids.
  • A European software marketing and retailing company.
  • A China-based manufacturing company supplying the global fiber optics industry.
  • A Private Equity Fund focused on India.