Assists growth and middle market Technology companies and other client companies in developing their businesses and/or raising funds for continued growth. We assist our client companies in developing and communicating their Strategic Value Propositions to potential customers and investors, assist with strategic business development and international expansion, conduct valuations, and serve as an investment banker for transactions and situations (including Private Equity Financings, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Exits) "below the radar screen" of the large global investment banks. We focus on growth Technology companies, as well as on Venture Capital firms and Private Equity investors with such companies in their portfolios, investors seeking to buy such companies or interests in such companies, and Funds that invest in such companies.

Corporate Introductions and Strategic Business Development...
Cross Border Enterprises, L.L.C. assists our Technology growth clients to expand by providing C-level introductions to major multinational corporations (at the senior management decision level) that may become their customers or strategic partners. We may facilitate corporate introductions before, in conjunction with, or following financings. On the other side, we assist major corporations with finding Technology solutions that enhance enterprise effectiveness and profitability.

Private Equity…...
Through our Cross Border Private Capital, L.L.C. subsidiary, we raise private equity capital for companies with funding requirements in the $10 - $30 million range. We are particularly well-positioned to add value for U.S. and international clients that are raising capital as a step towards expanding their businesses, in the U.S. and/or internationally.

M & A Transactions and Non-IPO Exits...…
Through our Cross Border Private Capital, L.L.C. subsidiary, we represent buyers and sellers of companies, of controlling interests, and of minority interest investments. We assist our clients that are buyers in the identification, valuation, due diligence, and structuring of acquisitions. When our clients are sellers, we identify their value propositions and develop prospects among potential buyers. Our senior team members actively manage and negotiate purchases and sales to maximize the value realized by our clients.

"Assisting Growth Company Clients To Develop and Communicate Their Value Propositions

To Potential Customers Or Potential Investors."

Since 1991, Cross Border Enterprises, L.L.C. has helped many growth companies to raise funds and/or develop their business. Whatever their end goals, these companies have seen that success depends on making a good start.

What does a "good start" consist of? A growth company must:

· Start from a realistic understanding of its Strategic Value Proposition. (Is the offering truly unique, which is unlikely, or are there strong competitors? What differentiates it?)

· Think what it can do for its potential customers, not vice versa. (What does it bring to potential customers that is important to them?
Can it help potential customers compete and increase their bottom lines?)

· Develop 1) an elevator pitch that instantly and effectively communicates the offering's benefits to potential customers and potential investors and 2) an effective and convincing meeting/conference presentation.

A Strategic Value Proposition that's simple, clear, and impactful takes thought and perspective to develop. We collaborate with our client companies to understand their offerings, learn what existing clients think, and help shape a Strategic Value Proposition that will work for them.

To attract high-priority potential customers, or potential investors, we and our clients work together on a convincing message about the offering's benefits. Starting with the Strategic Value Proposition, we add relevant supporting information, financials, and projections; customers (by name or type); a realistic pipeline where appropriate; and relevant market information. Note the word "relevant"-one of the biggest challenges for growing companies is separating what's relevant to them from what's relevant to their audiences.

The presentation, just like the thinking behind it, should aim for clarity and audience appeal. We work with the presenter on using slides as supporting material rather than as a script; fitting the presentation into the allotted time with room for questions; and preparing for questions.

Working with a client company to refine or develop a presentation for potential customers, or potential investors, can take several days; in the experience of our client companies, it can definitely be of benefit. Whether your growth company wants to develop/refine only its Strategic Value Proposition, or its presentation(s) as well, we would like to help!

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Nancy L. Brenner, Managing Director; Phone: 212-682-7400; Cell: 917-414-7861; Email:

"Assisting Growth Company and Fund Clients

With Their Private Equity, Exit, and Business Development Needs"

Matching the Needs of Technology Growth Companies and Major Multinationals.

Cross Border Enterprises, L.L.C. ("CBE") is an investment banking firm focused on the Technology sector. Our growth company clients provide technology products and services to major multinational corporations, helping them to compete and to increase the bottom line. With many major corporations outsourcing, thousands of growth technology companies are vying to meet their needs. But it can be difficult to get past the objections of the VP Purchasing or other middle manager: no budget left, can't O.K. over $99,000, or won't bet on a "new" technology.

We can help increase our clients' chances of success, by bringing their product offerings to enterprise managers who see the "big picture" and make enterprise-wide decisions. Gaining major organizations as customers/strategic partners helps our growth technology company clients increase rates of adoption and revenues, improving prospects for further financings or exits.

We have always assisted our clients with Corporate Introductions post-closing -- since our compensation for financings includes warrants, we want their revenues to grow. Today, Corporate Introductions may come first because our growth company clients need to increase rates of adoption before seeking a financing or an exit.

How Does the Cross Border Corporate Introduction Process Work?

Together with our client company, we:

  • Identify and mutually agree to 5 target Customers/Partners (corporations they wish as customers, where we have board level or other appropriate contacts).

· We construct a Value Proposition for each target, for delivery to the CEO/COO/CFO/CIO.

  • Arrange and schedule meetings with the appropriate senior managers.
  • Participate in initial meetings, to ensure that the assessment process starts smoothly.
  • Follow up regularly with target corporation senior management, to ensure continued interest.

Our compensation is aligned with our client's interests. For our services, we charge a small retainer up front and receive a success fee (a percentage of their revenues from each Customer/Partner over a defined time period).

Current Cross Border Corporate Introduction Activities.

We are currently facilitating enterprise-level introductions for several technology growth companies. Our Corporate Introduction engagements may be done as precursors to a financing, in conjunction with a financing, or on a "stand alone" basis. Our clients range from early-stage companies (with revenues from major multinational corporations as customers) to middle/later-stage companies (with established and broad customer bases).

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Nancy L. Brenner, Managing Director; Phone: 212-682-7400; Cell: 917-414-7861; Email:

"Introducing Leading Edge Technologies to Make Businesses More Efficient"

Leading global corporations, across industries, face a constant battle to maintain their position. One tool they use is technology. But innovative, yet proven, technologies are not easy to find. Cross Border Enterprises, L.L.C. ("CBE") can bring relevant new technologies to major corporations seeking to maintain competitive advantage.

Matching the Needs of Major Multinationals and Technology-focused Growth Companies

  • We work with our client companies to identify corporations that may benefit from their offerings.
  • We facilitate meetings between our client companies and enterprise senior management (who can see the big picture and how a technology solution might confer a competitive advantage).
  • We assist in constructing a relevant Value Proposition for each prospective corporate customer.
  • We arrange and participate in initial meetings with senior managers, following up as appropriate, while our client proceeds with the sales process.

Current CBE Corporate Introductions and Other Activities

We are introducing major corporations to Technology-focused growth companies offering technology-enabled solutions, with the potential for rapid payback. These corporations are in verticals including Financial Services, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Publishing/Media, Food/Food Service, Hospitality, Consumer Products, Oil, Energy, Chemicals, Paper, Transportation, Retailing and Heavy Industry.

Our client companies include:

  • An IT company, with product offerings that provide real time, enterprise-wide visibility into all IT assets, helping corporations optimize use of IT assets and significantly reduce software subscription costs.
  • An international telecom service provider, based in Canada, providing hospitality operator services, audio and web conferencing, and low-cost long distance calling. This company does business with telecoms around the world.
  • A U.S. software company that offers major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies a web-enabled platform for managing/tracking sample distribution.

CBE's Investment Banking and Business Development Services

Cross Border Enterprises, L.L.C. is an investment banking firm. Our emphasis is on Technology-focused growth companies that provide products and services to major multinational corporations. We help our clients raise private capital (for development/expansion) from both corporate and financial venture capital/private equity firms. We handle the sale of Technology-focused growth companies to corporate acquirers. We introduce client companies to the senior management of corporations that could be important customers/partners.

Since we maintain an active dialogue with Technology-focused companies and their venture capital/private equity investors, we can also assist major corporations seeking to dispose of non-strategic Technology assets.

For Further Information, Please Contact:

David J.P. Meachin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Phone: 212-682-7400; Email: