Today, leading corporations are constantly battling to maintain market position. In the global economy, technology is a key tool in this competition. Innovative -- yet proven -- technologies can bring "real time" information to decision-makers, helping them to meet customer needs and grow the bottom line. However, the best technologies may not be easy to find.

At the same time, IT and Technology growth companies, like CROSS BORDER'S clients, seek to increase rates of adoption and revenues. They can do so by gaining major multinational corporations as customers and strategic partners. But they need to access enterprise managers - those who can give the "go-ahead" for adopting new technologies throughout the enterprise.

Based on our extensive experience in working with major multinational corporations and with Technology growth companies, CROSS BORDER believes that Technology is critical to the success of leading corporations, and securing these corporations as customers is critical to the success of Technology growth companies.

This is why CROSS BORDER ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. focuses on bringing relevant new technologies to major corporations seeking to maintain competitive advantage, and on assisting our Technology company clients that seek these corporations as customers. In our role as investment bankers, through our CROSS BORDER ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. a FINRA-registered Broker/Dealer and a member of SIPC, we raise private equity capital for our Technology client companies, represent buyers or sellers in M&A transactions involving such companies, and provide valuations where necessary. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to assist Technology companies and major corporations in these respects.